Privacy Policy

Welcome to PNR Status Guru ("we," "us," "Pnrstatusguru," or "our"). This privacy policy sets out how we collect, use and protect your data when you use our website.


1. Information Collection:

Non-Personal Information : Information collected purely for the operation of the website.
Google Analytics: Third-party analytics for analyzing website usage.
Google AdSense: Display ads; Collects user information for advertising purposes.
Cloudflare CDN: Increases website speed and security; Collects non-personal information.

2. Objectives of data collection:

Analysis of web traffic.
improving the user experience.
Display of relevant advertisements.
Increasing website security.
Performance efficiency.

3. Data Security:

We take reasonable steps to protect your data.

4. Cookies and Tracking:

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience.

5. User Rights:

You have the right to access, correct, or delete your personal information.
Refer to the third party’s privacy policy for options.

6. Changing the Privacy Policy:

We can update the Policy; Check for updates from time to time.

7. Contact us:

Contact [] for questions or concerns.

8. Legal Compliance:

We strive to comply with applicable data protection laws.

9. Disclaimers:

Please review our website terms and conditions.