Train Running Status

How to check live train running status:

  1. In the form above enter valid five digit train number and click 'Check Status' button.
  2. Detailed information about your queried train will appearon a new web page.
  3. A new web page will show complete route details of your train from the source to destination. It will also inform you about train's expected arrival and expected departure time at your station.

In case train running status for your queried train number is not delievered, there could be several reasons.

  • You entered an incorrect or invalid train number.
  • Train does not run on the date it is being queried.
  • Train is not yet started from its source station.

What vital information could be tracked from live train running status:

  1. Train current location
  2. Last station from where train has departed
  3. Delay of a train
  4. Expected arrival time at a desired railway station
  5. Expected departure time at desired railway station